Asking yourself the question What Power Reading Glasses Do I Need?

At some point in your life, for many people that are in their forties, you will likely develop vision problems and need the assistance of “powered” reading glasses. This is due to the fact that you are developing a condition called presbyopia that causes text to become blurry as the eye struggles to focus. As you develop presbyopic symptoms you have to hold books and mobile phones further from your eyes to read clearly, or you can simply choose to start wearing reading glasses.

If this is the first time you are ordering reading glasses online you may not know what power to order. Likely you will need a lower power, but if you have held off and made do with your condition you could already be needing a higher power. This is why we have made our reading glass power chart to help you determine the power of glasses you need to read clearly.

What Power Reading Glasses Do I Need? Click here to download the one-sheet pdf!

Also, remember that it might be worth your time and a modest investment to have your eyes professionally checked.

reading glasses strength chart